Opposite an Oscar Nominated actor within 3 months in Hollywood Part 1

One year a year with Robert Loggia on group of “Apostle Peter as well as the Last Supper” and also the memories continue to be strong, I think on what has been my biggest film up to now and things i learnt shooting a lead role in a period piece, opposite an Oscar Nominated actor, in 4 days! The film has since screened to millions of people worldwide on Christian Networks and a bestselling DVD release:

Australian actor celebrity

May 4th 2011: I received the first draft of “The Last Supper” by having an offer to audition, it absolutely was my third month in Los Angeles. I was being contacted by Billy Damota, a man who had cast me within my first Guest Star in Hollywood within Two weeks of arriving, a week before i had started working together with my first US Agent, Theo Caesar. Things were moving fast

I had been moving in to read for your a part of Nathaniel, the part inside the script would be a small monologue, but new to LA, it would happen to be a very important experience, I needed to book it! I went directly into work on the scene with my acting coach at the time Michael Woolson, an excellent coach you’ll hear much more of in a long time in the future (claim to fame he coached Hailee Steinfeld with the audition process and thru to an Oscar Nomination for True Grit).

Australian actor celebrity

There were one hour to get to work with the scene (as that’s all the time I could afford with Michael). The monologue: Jesus just announced “One individuals will betray me” the script then goes round the table in the Last Supper into the thoughts and feelings of each disciple to try their metal. Nathaniel was expressing his personal doubts and struggles as a soliloquy. Finally my classical training began to repay on film, I knew how you can break down this quite complex little bit of dialog and bring the performance beneath. Until then your most of the US auditions on the floor, I’d gotten through were for “Chad” and included the description “a douchbag” within the breakdown. Finally something to sink my teeth into. I performed the piece for Michael, for the most part he looked over me and said, “I love what you’re doing with it”, got me to tweek a couple moments but I could tell he wanted me to feel confident with your choices I’d made and wanted me to demonstrate them what I’d just showed him.

Part 2 just around the corner: Your day of the audition, generate an income went in for a one scene role and walked out with all the lead


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